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Getting online with USR-TCP232-T2

Recently, I had a hankering to connect my old Commodore VIC-20 to the internet.  Yes, I know, it’s been done before.  I’ve even done it before, sort of, using an RS-232 connection to another computer.

But I wanted to skip the reliance on another machine, and see if we could get the wonder computer of the 1980s connected independently.  Mostly independently, anyway.

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VIC-20 as terminal

Over a lazy Sunday afternoon, while the family was napping, I put into place an idea that formed in my head mere hours earlier: turn my Commodore VIC-20 into a simple terminal for a *nix box.

I was musing on ways to connect my VIC to other systems, and had recently been playing with Chris Baird’s great little hack of transferring files via serial port from a PC using a simple, 25-line BASIC program.  That got me wondering what other ways you could utilize the serial port.

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