Uniden BC246T scanner program

BC246t Display main window

I wrote this little program a while ago, then modified it.  Then modified it again.  And again.  Basically, I just kept tinkering with it, until it grew from a simple command-line program, to what we have today.

So, what is it?

This is a Python/tk program to display the status and control the Uniden BC246T handheld scanner.  It essentially mimics the layout (sort of) of the scanner, and gives you access to all the keys.

Yeah, it’s a little useless.  But I had fun writing it (please please PLEASE don’t look at how ugly my coding style is, alright?).  It essentially allows me to put the scanner up on the shelf out of reach, but still see what’s going on.

If you have a Uniden BC246T, enjoy playing with it.  Here’s the link.

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