What the…?

So, what do we have here?  Ramblings?


My name is Jon Tabor, and I’m interested in a lot of stuff.  So you’ll see a lot of odd stuff here.  What types of things?

Let me tell you.

You might see some things about computers.  Old ones.  Retro ones.  Or you might see things about cars.  Or photography.  Or electronics.  PIC Microprocessors?  Yup.  Ham radio stuff?  Probably.  Solar power?  Sure, why not.

So there you go.

2 thoughts on “What the…?

  1. Jon, I wanted to ask a question on your “PXE booting into VMWare ESXi 6” post but couldn’t find a comments section. Is your configuration stateful or stateless? Either way, where are the configuration files kept and how do you keep persistence across reboots? Thank you for the post! As you stated, I couldn’t find any tutorials, until I found yours.

    1. Hey John, I’ll shoot you a direct email; I had closed off comments on the other post due to a lot of spam I was having to reject. welcome to the internet.

      Briefly, though, the configuration is what I’m calling stateless, in that the server itself contains no configuration information (nothing is permanently written to the server), but we do store the configuration files (and can modify them) on the TFTP server.

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